Thursday, August 04, 2011

Nokia N9 Countdown Wets Your Appetite.

Nokia N9 Countdown Wets Your Appetite.
Nokia N9 makes you want it for some reason. More you look at it, more the curiosity. But now you have 49 days to grow that need as Nokia Sweden has brought up a countdown page that does more than count down. In fact Nokia N9 looks like Nokia NG, Nokia New Generation.
This gorilla glass cad Nokia N9, once Google translations interpreted as "Came with a side of gorilla and a dessert" is powered by MeeGo OS and OMAP3630 processor. Everyone who had the chance to experience the phone loved it and I am sure there will be millions more....
Check it out yourself at Nokia site. (Unless you are in no hurry, select the low res version of the demo, too many people are satisfying their craves.)


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