Thursday, August 11, 2011

FSA Compliant Mobile Voice Recording From TruPhone and Obsidian Wireless

TruPhone and Obsidian FSA Compliant Mobile Voice Recording
Truphone together with Obsidian Wireless, one of UK's leading provider of FSA compliant mobile voice recording solutions, to provide the first FSA compliant app-less mobile voice and data recording solution for the financial services sector. The solution is a network-based SIM solution, rather than an application.

"The solution uses Tru's unique flexible network to route all call and data traffic into the secure, compliant Obsidian Wireless gateways for voice (vMiG) and data (dMiG).

These then interface directly with existing recording facilities within a financial institution's own infrastructure, or within the Obsidian Wireless secure-managed service environment."

Tru's network-based solution:

- Works on any GSM phone
- Supports voice, text and data
- No change to user experience or time delays
- Supports all GSM functionality
- Massive saving on international communications

For more information visit​recording or call +44 (0) 20 3006 4300.


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