Monday, August 01, 2011

Eclipse (Most Open), Android (Most Closed) Open Projects, Vision Mobile!

Eclipse (Most Open), Android (Most Closed) Open Projects, Vision Mobile!
Looks like the project I am spending most time with these days (Android) and the tool I am using to work on the projects (Eclipse) have ended up in opposite ends of openness scale, according to a EU funded project. Finding this news just after learning about Mozilla org's B3G, Boot to Gecko project, confuses me greatly. Yet I think Android is much better than those 100% closed projects such as iOS and Windows phone 7.
The recently published Open Governance Index, by Vision Mobile, a study which was partly funded by webinos, an EU-funded project working on a platform for web applications across mobile, PC, home media (TV) and in-car devices.
The report is available for download free of charge and examines;

  • Open source cultural roots and working upstream vs downstream
  • Open source licenses vs governance models
  • Analysis and classification of governance models
  • In-depth reviews of Android, Qt, Symbian, MeeGo, Mozilla, WebKit, Linux and Eclipse
  • Best practices in creating an open source project


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