Sunday, August 07, 2011

New FT Web App Becoming More Popular Than The Native App

FT.COM web app
Financial Times Web App for mobile devices is becoming very popular. Even more popular than the native apps in the case of iPad and iPhone.
Guardian posted that currently the FT web App is enjoying 350000 people have access the mobile site.
"350,000 people have used the web app now, and more than half of them have bookmarked it to their homescreens, In the first week, we saw more traffic coming from the web app than from the native app, and that has been sustained: the traffic to the web app far exceeds traffic to the native app."according to Rob Grimshaw, managing director of
FT is preparing an Android version of the app (when I visited the site there is already an app for Samsung Galaxy Tab) and Blackberry is to follow. (This is abain bad news for RIM, a financial news site is preparing the Blackberry version of the app last says a lot about RIM).
I am a fan of web apps as you are not bound by device manufactures whims and do not have to pay the mafia fees to be on App stores.

Following are some benefits of web app:

  • Web browser access – No app store download needed
  • Automatic enhancements – No need to visit an app store for the latest version
  • Reading offline – The latest edition is automatically stored for offline access
  • Speed – Improved performance on most connections
  • Greater range of content – Including video on iPhone


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