Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 World Cup on Twitter, It Is Tweetmine.


If you are a Soccer fan (Who is not!) you must be wondering how to watch worldcup 2010 matches and how to follow the news. There are variety of way but Twitter is a great resource to grab 140 character or less, information gems.

I woke up pretty early to get some work done before the Mexico-South Africa match. It was good feeling to see the host go at it and warm fuzzy feeling to see the first match of many, in the worldcup 2010 (#worldcup, #copamudial, #worldcup2010).


The @Tlists also another Twitter resource @tlists/World-Cup does present some interesting info.

Twittermeme also has #TM_WorldCup2010 which aggregates the links on Worldcup 2010.


But the twitter is also getting spammed major now on the same topic. But you can filter those easily and do not click all the links and be watchful.


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