Friday, May 14, 2010

A Closer Look At Next Apple iPhone, iPhone HD or iPhone 4G

iPhone HD or iPhone 4G
By now the whole world knows what next apple iPhone will look like and what Apple does to keep their secrets secret, like breaking into peoples house, of course with law enforcement. I have been following Gizmodo for a long time and you will always find a link Gizmodo from here linking to what we liked.
So of course when Apple released it's hounds, after getting the phone back, they tried to look and behave it is not us! But I guess for being member of the law enforcement unit that looks after tech assets, has it's perks. I am beginning to wonder about even the fake Steve Jobs.
In any case the saga continues, people got the related papers unlocked, which showed that Steve Jobs himself called to ask for the device back. Well Gizmodo had means to defend itself, but I wonder what happened to the guy the video below?

But for your pleasure, Gizmodo has got all the posts together in one place, all the titles below, so you can follow up and stay current with the story.

  • How Apple lost the next iPhone
  • How Apple missed chances to get the device back
  • How Apple asked to get their phone back
  • All the details about the next iPhone including a dissection
  • How Apple conceals prototype iPhones
  • Another lost iPhone shows new details
  • Why it's not about the iPhone
  • Conspiracy theorists: Why Apple didn't leak the iPhone to us
  • The Investigation into that missing iPhone
Finally you can see a beter phone here


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