Tuesday, December 01, 2009

ClearWire Lights Up Five States (NC, WA, TX, IL and HI) With WiMAX.

ClearWire Brings LTE To 5 States snapvoip.blogspot.com
Clearwire has started to lit up some areas of the United States with the high speed sevice.  As of today,  Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii, will get the 4G service. On the mainland, Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, North Carolina state, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Austin, Texas state, gets the WiMAX.
People in Seattle and King County, Pierce County, Kitsap County, and Snohomish County Washington state along with citizens of Chicago, Illinois, will also be able to signup for the service starting as low as $30 a month.

“CLEAR is excited to bring to Honolulu and Maui residents, businesses and visitors an Internet experience similar to what they’re used to having at home or the office, anywhere around town or on the go,” said Jon Gelman, Clearwire’s regional vice president. “We're pleased to provide this community a valuable new category of Internet service designed to make people’s lives more enjoyable and more productive.”
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