Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Priority Google Voice Invitations To The Families Of U.S. Service Members With Blue Star Families

Google Voice Salutes U.S. service members
Military life has never been an easy one and for the families involved, it was even harder to communicate properly. Only yesterday I heard on NPR that many veterans stand to be homeless in coming years and the I could only say "How could this be?"
To make lives of those who are involved easier or better, Google is partnering with Blue Star Families to give priority Google Voice invitations to the families of U.S. service members involved in the organization. Blue Star Families is a group of military spouses from all over the country who work hard to educate civilian communities and leaders about the hardships faced by military families.
I think it is a salute and better way to support families on this Veterans Day. Hopefully Google Voice will make it easier for families to be in touch, where ever they are.
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