Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Google Friend Connect Gains Ground With New Features

Google Friend Connect

The Google Friend Connect on the left side on our site has been there for a while. Even though not in thousands, I have 54 friends who connected to us and are able to connect to each other. The experience that brings together people from all over the world, just like a small party of 54 people. The information on the first friend is above.
Like the Friend Connect blog says, it is much better than a anonymous train, BART or subway ride. People are given a chance to come closer in professional but in a personal way.
I am planing to install a comment gadget from friend connect so that either one of us can respond to comments faster than we do now with the each individual posts comments. We will still continue to respond to all the comments but having the friend connect comment gadget will provide all in the community to respond.
With the new changes or additions, Friend Connect gets new features, and at least we are planing to use some of the features;

  • Send custom newsletters: The new "Newsletter" section of your account lets you create, send and manage newsletters. And with the help of "Interests," you can either send out newsletters to all your subscribers, or send out custom newsletters to different segments of your subscribers, based on the interest responses they submit.
  • Personalized content gadget: This new Friend Connect gadget automatically presents a dynamic personalized set of links to your site's content that matches each visitor's specific interests. Is a visitor learning how to play swing music? Links to articles your site has published about playing swing are presented to him or her.
  • Google ads: For those of you who display ads on your website, your Friend Connect account now includes an "AdSense" section that lets you enable Google ad units that are matched both to your site's content and to the interests users publicly share on your website.
Official Google Blog: Google Friend Connect, now more personalized


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