Thursday, October 22, 2009

Verizon CEO Opens His Dumb Pipe! On Net Neutrality

On Net Neutrality
"Proponents (of Net neutrality) have a worldview that network providers and application providers, like Google, occupy different parts of the Internet: dumb pipes versus smart apps, This is a mistake pure and simple. It's an analog idea for a digital world. It completely understates the need for sound practices and ignores the benefits of smart networks."
What made me laugh and wonder what / who was dumber the pipe or?, was the following statement;

He said that companies like Verizon need to be able to prioritize packets that are transmitting medical monitoring data--over such items like e-mail or spam--to make sure they get through the network quickly. But if rules are in place that prohibit carriers from prioritizing traffic, he said, then such medical services cannot be offered.
There are better ways to put the idea forward but this is not one of them.
"It's really ironic that the digital elites in Silicon Valley are also pushing for faster broadband and more wireless networks," he said. "The two don't add up."
Perhaps back to school might teach you how to add. You already charge consumers for the pipe, more than you should, Mr.. Looks like you are an analog protrusion in a digital world.
You can read more about his ideas here on cnet.


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