Thursday, October 08, 2009

Ceragon’s FibeAir® P2P Microwave Solution To Provide IP Backhaul Services To A Leading North American WiMAX Operator.

WiMAX backhaul
Ceragon Networks Ltd. today announced that it has received a significant equipment order valued in millions of Dollars, from a leading WiMAX operator in North America. Ceragon’s FibeAir® point-to-point microwave solutions will provide WiMAX backhaul services in two major US cities initially.
“We are very happy to have been selected by one of the pioneering mobile WiMAX operators in North America, Our solutions are a perfect-fit for WiMAX data architecture, providing high-capacity, Native Ethernet traffic for access and aggregation backhaul. In addition, our focus on operational excellence allows us to deliver thousands of units a month and serve high-volume customers.” ” said Ira Palti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Ceragon.

Ceragon’s FibeAir IP-10 features enhanced Ethernet networking capabilities. The solution helps to simplify network design and maintenance, and improves over-all network availability and reliability in order to support advanced broadband and multimedia services. FibeAir IP-10 features include;
  • A wide capacity range of 10Mbps to 500Mbps over a single radio carrier
  • Covers the entire licensed frequency spectrum – from 6GHz to 38GHz
  • The industry’s most advanced Adaptive Coding & Modulation (ACM) allows for maximum spectrum utilization and capacity over any given bandwidth
  • Strong networking capabilities using an integrated XC and carrier switch together with OAM mechanism (for both Ethernet and TDM)
  • Unmatched versatility to meet the capacity requirements of a single base-station as well as those of traffic-intensive hub sites
  • Easily scalable to enable simple, cost efficient future upgrades
  • Simplifies network design and maintenance, reducing CAPEX and OPEX
  • Supports native TDM and native Ethernet hybrid architecture with Ceragon’s Native2
  • Optimized solutions migration both for CDMA and GSM networks, all the way from 2G to 3G to 4G
  • Improves over-all network availability and reliability
  • Offers SynchE support and ITU 1588v2 awareness to resolve future clock requirements


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