Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hava Mobile Player For iPhone In The App Store

Let on your iPhone control your home TV and watch from anywhere in the world

Monsoon Multimediahas just released the Hava Player for iPhone and now all those people who insists on watching home tv (why?) can watch their tv programms from anywhere.
But of course you need a Hava device at your home and a broadband connection at home and where ever you are connecting from to watch. As for the Hava devices, there are a few models you can chose from at Hava.
HAVA Player for iPhone or Hava Mobile gives you four onscreen remote modes to control everything: FAVS, REMOTE, SET-TOP and DVR.  Use the buttons on the left of the screen to select whichever mode you need.
The latest HAVA Player for iPhone is available from the App Store.


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