Friday, October 09, 2009

Ventus, The Wind Up Cell Phone With Solar Cell Stand By!

The Wind Up Cell Phone

The Green and DIY product manufacturer, TCL is developing a wind up cell phone, which is said to be giving 4 minutes of talk time for one minut of cranking. The device is also equiped with Solar cells providing standby power during the day when there is light.
But I am not sure is why can't I be cranking or the solar cell charge the battery and give me more talk time. There are devices in the market today that allows one to charge cell phones and portable music devices with hand cranked power generators.
Mr Tony Davies of TCL told the BBC: “With our system the generator accesses the battery directly, and that really increases the efficiency of the system." compared to the charging devices I mentioned above.
He also thinks Africa and India, where there is lack of access to direct power sources will be ripe markets for the product.
The particulars of the phone is not known at the moment but I doubt it will a smartphone, so it a hand cranked charger for me! or a phone like "Solar Phone SH002"
I would rather carry


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