Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Google Voice Tips! Call In Your Grocerry List To Your Email

Call In Your Grocerry List To Your Email snapvoip.blogspot.com
Google Voice gives you many features that makes your life easier. But if you put your imagination to work, you can get a few more things done.
Just imagine, you get a call from your wife or husband (May be even your kids) asking you to pick up some items on the way home. You are at your office, having a conversation about your new project with your collegue(S) or in the middle of a meeting. Ususally you would break your conversation and the train of thoughts to jot down the list or have to ask your loved ones to call back later.
Not so if you are using Google Voice!
If you get the above call, after the first few lines, you can send the call to your Google Voicemail by pressing "4" on your keypad. The call will be recorded and could be accessed like normal Google Voicemail. If you have configured so, it will be emailed to your GMail, which you could access right from the isles of supermarket on your smartphone.
So now you have no excuse for forgetting items on your shopping list!
Even if no one is calling you, you can call in your shopping list from home and later retieve from anywhere!


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