Friday, October 23, 2009

FCC Lays Out Plans For Net Neutrality Law

Net Neutrality Law
After bunch weeks of waiting and discussions that ranged from support to out right opposition and even sneaky voting by AT&T, FCC pretty much has decided on making the Net Neutrality into a law.
The proposed guidelines four of which dates to the FCC's nonbinding policy statement made in 2005 and two brand new ones, which are the most important are as follows;

Under the draft rules, subject to reasonable network management, a provider of broadband Internet access service may not:
1) prevent any of its users from sending or receiving the lawful content of the user's choice over the Internet;
2) prevent any of its users from running the lawful applications or using the lawful services of the user's choice;
3) prevent any of its users from connecting to and using on its network the user's choice of lawful devices that do not harm the network;
4) deprive any of its users of the user's entitlement to competition among network providers, application providers, service providers, and content providers.
5) A provider of broadband Internet access service must treat lawful content, applications, and services in a nondiscriminatory manner.
6) A provider of broadband Internet access service must disclose such information concerning network management and other practices as is reasonably required for users and content, application, and service providers to enjoy the protections specified in this rulemaking.
 These are just a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, and the procedures bring these into a law is long and winding. Now FCC will seek public comment on their proposal, where you and I can give our choices and views. Also whining AT&T can flood the votes with their underhand acts. The Internet Freedom Act is already forming to block the rule. The draft rule / proposal will be attacked and supported by many, like lobbyists from telecom and cable companies and ordinary people with the like of Google and facebook thrown in.
But Ars discusses the whole issue in detail and talks about not so clear areas of the proposal. But you need to be in touch with


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