Monday, October 12, 2009

Additional Screen Resolutions And Densities On Android 1.6

Examples of density independence on WVGA high density (left), HVGA medium density (center), and QVGA low density (right).
We all heard about the new Android 1.6's support for new screen sizes and the fact that it will run seemlessly on many devices, not just phones. There is a pretty big change from the HVGA (320X480) size suppored by T-Mobile G1 and Samsung i7500 or my Android Dev Phone.
There are three new resolution classes according to Android Dev Blog;
  • small: devices with a screen size smaller than the T-Mobile G1 or Samsung I7500, for example the recently announced HTC Tattoo
  • normal: devices with a screen size roughly the same as the G1 or I7500.
  • large: devices with a screen size larger than the G1 or I7500 (such as a tablet-style device.)
Since any given device falls within above three classes, it will be easier for developers to tailor their applications to adapt to the the devices. Android Developper has only to utilize the new tools that have been introduced into Android Framework APIs and SDK. They are also described well in the documentation at the developer site The documentation also provides the developer with a quick check list to verify if the developers app will run on an Android device of any screen size.

Support for additional screen resolutions and densities in Android


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