Friday, October 09, 2009

Global IP Solutions (GIPS), eComm, Insight Of H.264 SVC technology.
eComm's  Lee S Dryburgh managed to interview Global IP Solutions (GIPS)'s Jan Linden (VP of Engineering whom we mentioned in our post API's - Enabling the Future of Mobile Development,) and Joyce Kim (Chief Marketing Officer). GIPS has been a repeat Platinum sponsor of eComm. Lee says what he got out of the the call was a clear vision of the value proposition offered by GIPS and some insight in the H.264 SVC technology.
I enjoyed reading what Lee wrote on the eComm blog and I have the conference on my iPhone to listen while I am flying, which I am doing a lot, this week!
The blog post and the conference call are valuable and filled with information, so I think it is worth while to checkout both.

The conference call can be downloaded from in MP3 format (19.35 meg, 29:10 minutes


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