Saturday, October 03, 2009

Free SIP based VoIP Service From OpenSIPS

Free SIP Accounts 
OpenSIPS will be present at Astricon, and all the links at the end of the post
Now I can add another Free SIP Account provider Free SIP Account Provider List 2013 to the list as OpenSIPS is providing a free VoIP Service with support from Voice Systems.
The service is a full blown residentioal like service and provides an SIP address and enables to place VoIP calls to any SIP network.
current features include;
  • aliases
  • speeddial
  • DND service
  • anonymous and anonymous blocking
  • click to call from web interface
Call forwarding (on server)
  • permanent forward
  • forward on not registered
  • forward on timeout (not available)
  • forward on busy
Call filtering
  • inbound and outbound call filtering
  • white/black lists approach
  • reg exp based filtering
  • end-2-end messaging
  • message storing on server if off-line
  • read/delete off-line messages from web.
  • presence server
  • XCAP support (optional)
  • view presence status via web interface
  • click to call from web interface
  • IM from web interface
  • search users in white pages
  • incoming call records
  • outgoing call records
  • missed call records 
and conferencing and voicemaill will be following up soon.
I have registered myself and it was painless two minute affair.
To register for a new account follow this link
Information on Astricon Presence


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