Monday, July 20, 2009

GUAVA For Android, GoogleVoice Unauthorized Android Voice Application.

Sipdroid Project has left a comment as well as another reader regarding the GUAVA. I have had no time to investigate the issue further but I will. This is not the first time Micheal Robertson made me say "HUH", I did not like what he did with Lindows, but again it was his idea, his product and his company. Above link displays a letter from I will keep a tab on this story and followup
The creator of the SIPdroid, I-P-Tel GMBH also provides Free SIP Accounts. Need to Add them to my The Free SIP Account Provider List
GUAVA For Android
So the Gizmo people have released the GUAVA, GoogleVoice Unauthorized Android Voice Application for Android and now you can make calls for free over the wireless connection using Gizmo5 and Google Voice (Grandcentral). It seem to work even witout a SIM card in the phone.
In order to use GUAVA, you need:
- Gizmo5 software
- A Google Voice account
- An Android phone
- GUAVA for android software
Once you have got that combination together, using the wireless connection from the Android phone, you can do many things, according to Guava;
- GUAVA lets you make free calls to any US number using your Google Voice and Gizmo5 account.
- GUAVA lets you receive calls to your Google Voice number from wherever you have a net connection.
- GUAVA lets you make free calls to Skype users
- GUAVA lets you make free calls to Googletalk users
- GUAVA lets you send free SMS messages to US phones.
- GUAVA lets you read incoming messages (via the browser)
- GUAVA works fine without a SIM card in fact that's how it was tested.
- You can get GUAVA software from
So check out how a GUAVA tastes without having to go to Hawaii!


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