Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindle Fire Set Ablaze With Rumors About Kindle Fire 2!

Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire 2!
With all the Kindle fire from Amazon rumors, I found this to be most amusing. Gdgt has received some news from a reliable source, which some commenters thought some one from Apple's PR department, the real Kindle fire tablet will come in the first quarter of 2012.
If that the case, I would have named the tablet, Aztec, keeping with the Amazon like theme and 2012, where the Mayan calendar ends. Perhaps Aztec can do something to the Apple empire.
In any case 7" playbook look alike Android Tablet, can eat in to some of the iPad profit, which some sources say already in a slump.
You can read all about Kindle fire 2 on GDGT


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