Friday, September 23, 2011

Drive This Car Up The Wall With Your iPhone

iOS controlled Car
If you ever dreamed driving like Batman, up the wall, now you can, at least a small model car. iHelicopters have introduced the IW500, a two tone (Blue / Silver or Red / Silver) iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car / RC racing car. By applying vacuum seals to defy the gravity, car is able to climb up the wall and even traverse the ceiling, if you managed to get it on the ceiling.

The iPhone Controlled Wall Climbing Car iW500 is a RC Car that climbs walls and drives on ceilings. It works by using the opposite principle of the hovercraft and creates a sealed vacuum between itself and the wall or ceiling. This allows the car to do amazing stunts. Just flip the switch, place the car on a wall, and you can drive up, down, left and right without falling off. You can even drive on the underside of tables and ceilings if the surface is smooth enough.

Just set the car switch to vacuum off, and it becomes a remote controlled racing car. Now, I wonder if it will work on my iPhone 5, that I might be getting on October 4th!


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