Monday, August 01, 2011

Mozilla Foundation To Build "Boot To Gecko", B2G To Rival Android.

Mozilla Foundation To Build "Boot To Gecko", B2G To Rival Android
Looks like Androids openness being questioned and some people are beginning to take action and build a better an open mobile OS. The withholding of Honeycomb Source seem to have spurred to the new development;

“Android is not open source in the sense of ‘open technology.’ Android APIs are proprietary Google sauce, not broadly accepted and adopted open web standards. At some point Android used to be at least ‘available source’ where Google would publish secretly/internally developed source code/technology after the fact as products ship, but even those times seem to be over now. I would love to boot my custom Android build on my Galaxy Tab 10, but no luck, Google refuses to release the source.

“We want to do Boot to Gecko the way we think open source should be done. In the open, from day 1, for everyone to see and participate.”

This was revealed a while back but everyone is talking about it now. According to eWeek, the OS will be based on Android and will be open source in real time, not after the product has been shipped.
I wonder about the validity of the project but the situation is similar, where Netscape went against then mighty Microsoft.
You can read more about it at eWeek and itself. B2G


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