Friday, June 03, 2011

iPhone Passes Blackberry In Smarphone Marketshare, But Android Is Still Way Ahead Of Both Of Them

Smarphone Marketshare
Comscore has released the latest report on US Smartphone Market share and Android (36.4%) is way ahead of second in line iPhone (26%). But iPhone has surpassed the Blackberry (25.7%) in terms of  active user base. I guess the rise of the Android is still strong.
As Platforms only Android and iOS gained in the last quarter, but 5.7% growth of Android base well exceeded that of iOS giving Google more than 10.4% lead over Apple. 

On the hardware front, Samsung LG and Motorola lead the bunch and fourth place Apple (8.3%) is way behind the third place Motorola (15.6%) and has a way to go. RIM is 0.1 percent behind Apple.

Of 234 million Americans ages 13 and older who used mobile devices, Comscore found, 74.6 million . owned smartphones, at the end of April,  up 13% from the three-month period ending in January 2011.


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