Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smartphone Marketshare, BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone, The Race Is On, In That Order.

BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone Sales http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Currently, BlackBerry leads the pack with 36% of market share of  smartphones with Android following closely with 28% and iPhone chugging along at 21% for the 2010 sales. The NPD Group seem to got the data.
GigaOM thinks it is mostly due to Verizon. The Verizon with it's 92.8 million subscriber base, has a lot of people to sell phones to. But those are not offered or capable of buying an iPhone because AT&T is the exclusive iPhone carrier in USA. So Verizon users are offered with variety of Android phones, from The Droid to Droid Incredible, in various price levels, appealing to most of the  customers, if not all. Also The Droid VS iPhone comprissons may have helped those who were on the edge..
AT&T's attitude and service may be also helping the Android sales as well.


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