Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Comcast Clearwire Making WiMAX Waves In Oregon.

Comcast WiMAX in Oregon
Andy Abramson directed me to an article by Rethink-Wireless that shows Comcast had great plans when it partnered with Clearwire.
The combined service that includes WiMAX has been launched in Portland Oregon which continue to provide service to customers with combined fixed broadband, WiMAX (Comcast Speed 2Go) and Sprint EVDO plus WiMAX in areas where Clearwire is active.
The company will offer a metro plan and card that works within the WiMAX footprint area, and a nationwide plan and card that offers 3G everywhere, using the Sprint Clearwire.
While ago we reported the about the WiMAX Speed Test in the same area that reached 13Mbps from various positions that included a car moving at 60-70 MPH.
According to Rethink Wireless the pricing plans do seem attractive across all three companies, either combined or stand alone, depending on what you are looking for and where you want it!
"COMCAST is offering a 12-month introductory rate. For $50 a month, a subscriber gets 12Mbps home cable broadband and WiMAX, which is only a $7 premium over the cost of cable broadband alone (and includes a free Wi-Fi router). A national 3G add-on is an extra $20 a month and roaming to other Clearwire WiMAX markets is free. After the one-year trial the tariff goes up to $73 a month ($93 with 3G). There will be a $99 charge for a dongle (and other devices to follow in future), though people who commit to a two-year deal get the gadget for free.

Clearwire itself charges $20 a month for its in-home 'Clear' service, from $40 a month for mobile internet, and $50 a month for unlimited consumer roaming. It also has a creative range of pricing options, including sharing a connection between multiple devices, or taking up month-by-month contracts or short term passes (a day pass is $10, and customers can add an in-home voice option for $25). Sprint 4G is $80 a month with a two-year contract that includes 5Gb per month of 3G data and unlimited 4G bandwidth. All these plans enable consumers to get cutting edge mobile broadband capabilities - as use of dongles starts to take off, European-style, in the US - for a small premium."

Another good reason for me to shed AT&T DSL and go Comcast way if the service come to San Francisco Bay Area. Mind you, I have been a loyal customer of AT&T, for a long time. I Started my DSL service when PACBELL was still alive and kept it through SBC and now AT&T. Service continue to be the same, no improvements for what it looks like eons but the cost keep on rising.

I looking for better service for cheaper or the same price and Comcast has beeen very inviting.

Rethink Wireless

Andy Abramson


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