Thursday, June 04, 2009

Total Palm Pre Review

Palm Pre Review
Engadget has done a marvelous job of reviewing the Palm Pre. The uber long review is so lengthy, they are presenting it in three sections, actually four if you count the post I am directing you to.
Joshua Topolsky, has done a very thorough job of going through the inards of Pre, including in depth looks at all of the Pre’s built-in applications. The memory limitations of Pre does not seem to be solved by WebOS and background tasking.
Opening a PDF of 3.9MB seem to send Pre into convultions, basically it froze the phone and giving a memory. It was also asking reviewer to close apps.
Joshua likes the web browser enough to give praise for speed and the UI, and says it’s slightly faster than the iPhone 3G’s. I am yet to check.
All in all, I will have a pre, soon. Because the phone seem to bring about some state of the art mobile features.
Enjoy Joshua's review. It is one of the best I have seen in a while.


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