Monday, June 22, 2009

Google Voice To Go Public Soon?

Google Voice.
I have been enjoying Google Voice, which I got in due to being a customer of GrandCentral, for a few moths now. I have had mixed results and mostly the service is in positive side. Initially I / we had some connection issues but they seem to have gone away now. I even have Google Voice on iPhone. In addition to GrandCentral services, Google Voice added SMS, Voicemail transcript, Conference calling and low priced international calling.

Right now the word is that Google Voice might be ready to go public. According to Network World, Google has received one million phone numbers.
Us the early users are enjoying the phone numbers provided by Level 3 and if these one million numbers are right, it could be good news for people waiting to add Google Voice to their Accounts.
Of course Google has not confirmed the issues sighting "as a matter of policy, we typically do not comment on contracts with third-party technology suppliers."
There were also reports that Google Voice will support number portability and allow users to assign their own numbers to the service.
But all in all Google Voice some thing I am very glad to have.


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