Sunday, June 28, 2009

Savage Twitter Takes Care Of $11000 Wireless Charge.

$11000 Phone Bill
It is good to know that donttrythis, Adam Savage has managed to clear off his $11,000.00 wireless bill from AT&T. But the good point behind this is that if it is good for Savage, it can bee good for you too.
I like Savage brothers, not only because they are from San Francisco but I like to watch them bust many a myths. I like it more the way they present it.
According to Adam, not only the charges are erroneous but the calculations are off the wall as well. According to charges, looks like he spent most of his holiday inside a room or outside a park, roaming the web.
But the important fact of this issue is the power of the Twitter where more than 60,000 followers helped to erase the bill according to this news article.
I am thinking of saving all these news and AT&T mutterings, who knows, it might come handy someday, specially if you are a AT&T customer. This is not the first time outrageous phone bills came out in the news. But carriers like AT&T seem to think it is alright not to fix the systems from blocking users from reaching such outrageous charges.
"His Tweet (a message on Twitter) simply read: “AT&T is attempting to charge me 11k for a few hours of web surfing in Canada.

His message spread amazingly quickly on Twitter. Within three hours, AT&T was the second most discussed topic on Twitter, second only to Michael Jackson.

By the end of the day, the carrier was “very gracious about taking care of it all,” Savage said, deciding to free him of those costs.

But the problem, he says, is that most of those suffering exorbitant roaming fees suffer in silence, or go through endless telephone calls with the carrier to try and reach a compromise."


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