Monday, June 29, 2009

Overheating iPhone 3GS? Make mine a Pink iPhone 3GS

Browning of iPhone 3GS

There are reports all over the web that new iPhone 3GS could overheat and turn from pink to brown (the white iPhone 3GS).
The repeorts indicate that this happens when people use GPS, games and Browsing over the 3G as well as WiFi.
"Yesterday when the was placed on my desktop screen on it I noticed a mark intriguing back of my phone. It is reddish / pink and goes around the iPhone e following the shape of the battery ..." Le Jounal du Geek
When contacted, Apple have asked to send the phones in for testing by their engineers and I have not seen any official reaction to this. If the case is related to iPhone OS 3.0 as some points out (A user reported that after upgrading to the new OS 3.0, his / her iPod was getting hotter than usual.) may be fix is needed to manage the power. My old iPhone 3G, has been behaving normally, even after the upgrade. On the other hand, it is hard to turn black iPhone 3G in to a pink one.
Either way I hope this will get fixed soon and not lead to a bunch of exploding Phones.

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