Monday, September 24, 2007

Who established VoIP? here is 10 of them!

iLocus is concluding "", theme with a write up about Spectralink. The others that previously described are: VocalTec, Level 3, ITXC, Sonus Networks, 3GPP, Softbank BB, Skype, Cisco, NexTone.
I have followed the whole series and have been an eye opening. I have worked with at least three of the ten and never saw the others in the same light until iLocus wrote the series and revealed some gems of information. If you are interest in VoIP (of course you are, otherwise yoou will not be reading this!) read the iLocus series.
iLocus studied the VoIP market from 1995 onwards and selected certain developments within the industry that helped establish it and related those developments with 10 selected companies. The writeup further discusses in detail the contributions made by each of those companies.


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