Monday, September 10, 2007

Before the dawn of IP Telephony, according to OKI

Mr.Shinji Usuba, General Manager of eSound Venture Unit, Business Incubation Division, Systems Network Group at Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd, has written a long article, actually a series of articles, about OKI's venture into VoIP IP Telephony. So far he has written 12 parts or columns as he would like to call them.
I landed at Mr.Usuba's article while trying to find information on oki's participation in Japan Fair in Guandong, China. Now that is another article.(Just the news release!).
What interests me in the series of articles is that it is about the same time I started on VoIP, actually on data compression. We had two 64KB DS0 and a Frame Relay international line carrying data and voice to a country far away. The lines were so expensive we had to make full use of the lines just to stay afloat. So with our compression scheme, we were able to sell voice lines to one of the big bells!
Then came OpenH323 (now at Sourceforge) and worked on that and the gatekeeper, the opengatekeeper and I was conducting business over my newly acquired DSL line(I was the fourth DSL Customer at Pacbell, the first three being my partners!). I was selling closer to 15000-25000 minutes a day with this tiny gatekeeper to multiple clients all over the world. This was all before skypes, vanages. But I sold this business happily to some one else and shook hands.
But this is not about me but OKI and VoIP. The article series have covered from the begining of IP Telephony at OKI, starting from 1995;
Uphill battle for the development of the first IP telephony (1995 ~ 1996)
to the current article that explains happenings in 1998;
Developing two products at one time (end of 1998 ~ 1999)
I will be watching for more articles and visit OKI site and find out if the Before the Dawn of IP Telephony interests you as well.


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