Thursday, September 13, 2007

SP360, New Cisco Service Provider Blog!

Jeff Spagnola of Cisco Service Provider Blog mentioned my site as one of the sites that he reads and made me really happy to be listed among other prominent voip bloggers like Smith on VoIP, Light Reading Blogs, Telco 2.0,.
But before noting my sites name, there were bunch of interesting information that Jeff provides with hi post, the first post in the new Blogs@Cisco site, Cisco SP360 Blog. This new blog will include contributions from a team of Cisco leaders and executives. Jeff promise to cover the latest service provider trends and technologies and topics including Video, Mobility, Managed Services, Technology and Standards, and overall Industry News and Trends. I think this will be a very interesting Blog.
Yes I am partial to Cisco, that is where I got my VoIP feet wet. Before all these people who now talk about Unified communications, Cisco Call manger was doing it eons ago, in computer years! Of course numerous Cisco Routers and Switches that I have gone through just added experience as well as filling up shelf space in my collections. I still have my first 2501 router for sentimental value as the technology developed with the help of that router have made my life much better!
But world, and Cisco have come a long way from 2501 router and Cisco call Manager. So learning about those new trends will be much easier now since we know where to go for information.
Here is some thing for starters, Jeff mentioned Cisco Connected Life Contest that you can participate and who knows you might win the Grand price of $10,000.00!

I loved the little piece about GPS! Because, right now, I am working with GPS technology for a client that want to track something very similar to teenager in the dark!

SP360 Cisco Service Provider Blog


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