Friday, September 30, 2011

MobileMe, iCloud Back in Action After Widespread Outage!

MobileMe Outage
Yesterday Apple's MobileMe had a day in the cloud, or more like a day in a cloud burst. According to MacRumors report filed earlier yesterday indicates that the outage has affected as much as 75% of the MobileMe users.
Comments left by MacRumors users indicated that the outage (as high as 75% of users) was also affecting the iCloud and other related services.
Apple is in the works transitioning from MobileMe to iCloud service and this could indicate that The iCloud service is more than a name change and some hardcore changes are taking place. Apple will officially announce iCloud service in October 4th, most probably with iPhone 5 announcement.
The MobileMe service will continue to be available to users until June 30 2012.
Macrumors Forum
Apple system status


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