Thursday, September 08, 2011

Google Proposal : OEM's Adhering To Android Standards To Get Lead Device Time To Market Advantage.

Google Proposal Lead Device Time To Market Advantage To Some OEMs.
Again another juicy bit from Oracle VS Google via FOSS Patents, that was indicated as a bombshell, but I do not. The statement posted indicates;
Lead device concept: Give early access to the software to partners who build and distribute devices to our specification (ie, Motorola and Verizon). They get a non-contractual time to market advantage and in return they align to our standard.
And nowhere it describes it is a Motorola only deal. Any OEM who is willing to adhere to Google Android standard might be able to get the same deal. In any case it is thousand times correct me million times better than the OEM deals Apple give ( except for Foxconn, even without any squirms about deaths of Foxconn employees).
Follow the link below to read the report and the analysis.


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