Thursday, September 01, 2011

Financial Times App Gone From Apple Store! Available As An HTML5 Web App

Financial Times App Gone From Apple iTunes Store!
One of the few publishers to stand up to Apple, and not give 30% Apple Tax, has met with the Apple wreath! The Financial Times App is now gone from the Apple iTunes store. Apple did the Apple tax dance and changed the steps a few times. It was originally, a 30% cut of sales for content sold within apps (and that this content had to be available for purchase at the same or a lower price outside of the app) and then backtracked on it all in June. The price differential requirement is gone from the rules but any content available for purchase within an app is still subject to Apple’s 30% Tax and developers can’t provide links within the app to external stores where content can be purchased.
We think FT, Financial Times knew the outcome ahead of time and prepared for it as we published earlier in "Financial Times Bypasses 30% Apple Tax, Publishes Own HTML5 Web App For Tablets And Smartphones!"
Well unless Apple control what you can browse and read on the web, Financial Times could still be had by anyone who reads it, an HTML5 web app, we don't, we have our WSJ. But, way to go FT! Kudos.


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