Thursday, September 01, 2011

Apple Employee Loses Another Unreleased iPhone (iPhone 5 ?) Yawn!

iPhone 5 Prototype Lost and Not Found?
Apple seem to have some employees that can't hold a simple tequila shot. One such employee has lost another phone (May be one of those LTE iPhones that were being tested every where) in San Francisco this time, at Cava 22, a place we too have visited a few times. But this lost iPhone, unlike the last iPhone prototype lost, Steve Jobs and Co basically got no where with their electronic tracking. Basically they tracked to wrong place, meaning GPS or location based not working right or the guy who got the phone was wiser.
CNet tell that is might have been sold on Craigslist for as low as $200 but how they arrive at that figure is not very clear. What is clear is that Apple did go to the place where the phone was supposed to be but was not able to find it. Yeah what ever;

"Apple electronically traced the phone to a two-floor, single-family home in San Francisco's Bernal Heights neighborhood, according to the source.

When San Francisco police and Apple's investigators visited the house, they spoke with a man in his twenties who acknowledged being at Cava 22 on the night the device went missing. But he denied knowing anything about the phone. The man gave police permission to search the house, and they found nothing, the source said. Before leaving the house, the Apple employees offered the man money for the phone no questions asked, the source said, adding that the man continued to deny he had knowledge of the phone."

Under a California law dating back to 1872, any person who finds lost property and knows who the owner is likely to be--but "appropriates such property to his own use"--is guilty of theft. In addition, a second state law says any person who knowingly receives property that has been obtained illegally can be imprisoned for up to one year.



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