Friday, August 12, 2011

United States of Android and iOS

United States of Android and iOS
Android and iOS union is anything but a dream so I was very surprised when I saw the title of this post. But when I looked closely they are as United as Republicans and Democrats at the moment on the hill. In this case Yellow is where Android DOminate and Blue is where iOS dominates. Blackberry area is depicted by Gray and square hatched are remains neutral for now..
All others are
There’s a clear pattern of Android over-indexing in the South and South west parts of the country with iOS doing well in the North east and Midwest states. Even though Blackberry is on the run, downhill, it is favoured by some states in the centre and east. Most probably waiting for contracts to run through.
The result above and other information in the paper is based on data pulled from over 83 million users on the Jumptap network. The paper is actually the MobileSTAT (Simple Targeting & Audience Trends),a monthly report on targeting and audience trends in mobile advertising.


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