Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Is Amazon Free App Of The Day Robbing Developers Blind? ShiftJelly Says Yes.

Is Amazon Free App Of The Day Robbing Developers Blind?
Until, I read this blob post, I thought very highly of Amazon Free App of the day, at the Amazon Appstore, both as a consumer and a developer.
But not anymore. Looks like Amazon promoting it self at the cost of developers. My initial understanding was that Amazon paid for the paid app that they are giving away fro free, at least a portion, but it turns out to be false. Developers get zilch and Amazon gets fame according to this smallish developer outfit, ShiftJelly.
Basically it was vey uncomfortable to read the article, a multi billion dollar company going in to lengths to steal from developers, even Apple does not do that!
The Amazon App store is not what people thought it would be and many people like ShiftJelly and Apparatus have left Amazon but there are plenty of apps and developers left.
I guess one way to leave the Amazon App store is to get on the Free Paid App Of the Day!
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