Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Facebook Messenger (Beluga) And MyPAd (iOS Only) Vie For Space On your Android, iPad / iPhone Real Estate.

Facebook Messenger (Beluga) And MyPad Vie For Space On your iPad / iPhone Real Estate. http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
Facebook just released an iOS / Android App, "facebook messenger" and for those who are familia with Beluga will find it very easy to use. Others will find it easy to use. Just tap on the Messenger for iOS or Messenger for Android icon and all your facebook verbage and direct messages will be delivered to you in a single stream.
Follow the links below to get the either version of the app from respective stores, I meant app stores, iTunes App Store and Android Market. But I like the real facebook app on both the platforms.

But before you download that app, if you are an iOS user, there is another app, MyPad (FacePad) that was a facebook app for iPad is now released for all the iOS devices. MyPad brings you all the facebook glory and your Twitter timeline together. I prefer seperate apps for twitter and facebook but you might find it useful like the 12 Million iPad users who have downloaded the App.

MyPad iPhone, MyPad iPad

Messenger for Android Messenger for iOS Facebook App for Android


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