Monday, August 08, 2011

Apple Being Sued For Patent Infringement In Fast Booting of Mac OS X.!

Patent Infringement By Apple
Operating Systems Solutions, LCC, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Apple for OS X's fast booting operation.
Patently Apple, site celebrating Apple's inventions thinks this a work of patent troll and that LG Electronics is involved some where in the equation.
Looking at the patent, it looks like a legitimate patent and does not seem to be like many Broad patents that are in the play now in the mobile arena. Except for the fact that Operating Systems Solutions, LCC, does not make laptops or computers that use the patent technology, I do not see any similarity to the likes of Lodsys or Macrosolve.
FOSS Patents has a much better review of the fact and thinks it is a precursor to a wider patent war between Apple and LG.
I do not believe in ridiculous patents, that includes some of Apples but I think it is need to be watched as over all, innovation or simple app developments have been thwarted by stupid patents.
Apple should also know when it tries to clamp down on competitors, someone somewhere will use the same sword on Apple. So Apple use that 70 Billion and start buying some more patents, like

FOSS Patents via Patently Apple

Like in these cases and others we use part of the public record for journalistic news posting purposes. Readers should know that we do not offer a legal opinion on the merit of these cases and lawsuits, simply because we have no legal knowledge. The knowledge comes from what we read. Also we do not like patents in the way now issued by USPTO and used by companies and partial. Basically we call most of these patent holders trolls.


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