Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, Walmart's VUDU, Goes To War With Apple iTunes By Passes 30% Apple Tax.

Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, Walmart's VUDU

By steering efforts on webapps rather than native iOS apps, Amazon and Walmart is by passing 30% Apple Tax on content.
Following Apple guidelines, Amazon removed it's link to store in iOS Kindle App. The Apple iTunes guidelines require publishers to sign up customers through Apple and pay Apple a 30% cut. It also require whole bunch of other rules which small timers tend to follow due to lack of resources and means. But the likes of Amazon and Walmart have both and will act differently. Google, B&N too removed their in app purchases and indicated that the content could only bought through iPad's Safari Browser.
Walmart's VUDU allows users to have video on demand without subscriptions on any web enabled device, from computers, TVs, blueray players and Playstation. Walmart also announced the VUDU Web App.
We told about Financial Times Web App that did the same and thriving. Trend seem to continue as this is a convenient way to keep apps up to date and comply with various screen resolutions of other mobile devices, like Android tablets that Apple trying ban!


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