Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Software For The Dead Only!, under Death and Repudiation License

Death and Repudiation License
It is sometimes nice to be able to laugh about software licenses. Among thousands of open source licenses, the following stands out very well. The software under following license is only usable by dead (and living too under a different license). I think to prove the point the website software producer is dead today or only accessible by dead. I could not. Here is a link to the codebase of Syck (a PHP extension for swiftly parsing YAML), see if it is worth dieing for. If not you can use the software under BSD license.

SYCK via Slashdot

D&R (Death and Repudiation) License
This software may not be used directly by any living being. ANY use of this
software (even perfectly legitimate and non-commercial uses) until after death
is explicitly restricted. Any living being using (or attempting to use) this software
will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
For your protection, corpses will not be punished. We respectfully request
that you submit your uses (revisions, uses, distributions, uses, etc.) to
your children, who may vicariously perform these uses on your behalf. If
you use this software and you are found to be not dead, you will be punished
to the fullest extent of the law.
If you are found to be a ghost or angel, you will be punished to the fullest
extent of the law.
After your following the terms of this license, the author has vowed to repudiate
your claim, meaning that the validity of this contract will no longer be recognized.
This license will be unexpectedly revoked (at a time which is designated to be
most inconvenient) and involved heirs will be punished to the fullest extent
of the law.
Furthermore, if any parties (related or non-related) escape the punishments
outlined herein, they will be severely punished to the fullest extent of a new
revised law that (1) expands the statement "fullest extent of the law" to encompass
an infinite duration of infinite punishments and (2) exacts said punishments
upon all parties (related or non-related).


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