Thursday, May 27, 2010

NBC and Time Warner Not Joining iPad Revolution, Decides To Flash Instead.

NBC and Time Warner Not Joining iPad Revolution,
Looks like not everyone jump when Steve Jobs asks them. Some media houses are not sacrifising flash in order to be on iPad revolusion;

Sources said several large media companies, including Time Warner and NBC Universal, told Apple they won't retool their extensive video libraries to accommodate the iPad, arguing that such a reformatting would be expensive and not worth it because Flash dominates the Web.
n addition, one media executive pointed out that Apple's ability to dictate terms to the media giants will be weakened further by Google TV, a software product that enables viewers to watch online video on their big-screen TVs.
Steve Jobs does not like flash and there was a lot of back and forth discussions about Flash on Apple mobile platforms.
NYPost via engadget


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