Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Clearwire Coverage ( CLEAR Coverage ) Map

Clearwire Coverage Map
In a world of coverage map advertising, seeing the impotance of coverage maps, clearwire has published it's Clear coverage iMap. On the iMap page for Clearwire 4G coverage, one can find;

How do I find out if I have coverage?
You should be able to get Home Internet service anywhere in the Home & On-The-Go coverage area. To be sure, just enter your street address and zip code in the search box.
How accurate is the coverage map?
Our coverage maps can’t guarantee coverage, but rather approximate your anticipated coverage. Certain areas may have limited or no coverage, and various factors (e.g. terrain, foliage, buildings) may affect your actual coverage at a particular location.
What is the difference between Best CLEAR Coverage and CLEAR Coverage?
If your address falls in our Best CLEAR Coverage, CLEAR should work well in your home and office, and on-the-go virtually anywhere in the CLEAR coverage area. With Best CLEAR coverage, you can take advantage of any of our service plan offerings. If your address falls in CLEAR Coverage, you can use CLEAR out and about in your city, but indoor performance may be highly variable. With CLEAR coverage, you are only eligible for our on-the-go plans.
Why can I only get On-The-Go plans with CLEAR Coverage?
If your address falls in CLEAR Coverage, CLEAR will work best out & about in your city. Service indoors at this address may be highly variable.
Can I get nationwide coverage?
If you live in the CLEAR coverage area and you want to expand the places you can get coverage, CLEAR offers a 3G/4G service plan and USB modem that gives you CLEAR 4G coverage in the CLEAR coverage areas, and switches to 3G coverage when CLEAR 4G isn’t available. View 3G coverage area
 Clearwire iMap via VoIP Watch


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