Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fix Droid Password Lockup, After Failing Too Many Pattern Attempts

Droid Password Lockup
Many people have reported locked up Droids not accepting Google credentials after failing too many pattern attempts. Apparently the bug has existed for a while from the entries on Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project forum.
But as always,enterprising users have found many shortcuts to overcome problem of locking up Androids, Following is the best that seem to work and offered in many variations;
1) create a new gmail account on the computer.
2) call your cell phone with a different phone. 
3) answer your cell phone then hit the back button and it will take you to the home
4) turn on wifi so it can do data and voice at the same time (remember that the phone
is still connected)
5) go to Settings -> Location & Security and disable lock pattern (you'll need to
enter to correct pattern previously set)
6) go to Settings -> Accounts & Sync and click "Add Account" and add your newly
created Gmail account.
7) hang up the phone. 
8) turn the phone back on, at the lockout screen, enter your new Gmail account info
and it should let you back in 
9) once the phone is unlocked, you can go in setting and remove the newly added Gmail
account and keep the old one. 
You can fine the complete discussion here.


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