Friday, March 19, 2010

Apple Patenting Location-based Social Networking App Called "iGroups",

Patently Apple has published a very informative article about the new Apple patent application for an application called iGroups. Patenting software or ideas is not something I like. These will eventually lead to Apple lawsuits, like Apple-HTC lawsuit.
Apple's iGroup will be a new service that will work on your iPhone together with GPS (devices without GPS will get virtual GPS via MobileME) to group individuals at an even like concert, tradeshows, business meetings, and weddings etc. These contacts, even though brief, could be carried into the social networking arena to making them permanent, like a new way to add friends to your Facebook or follow / get followed on twitter etc.
The patent application which I have not looked at because I felt Patently Apple has done a great job of presenting the same, seem to focus on iPhone users in a groups. This is not the first patent that Apple applied in relation to Social Networking and if I am Google, I will add Social networking to the list fields that droid wars will wage.
But don't hold your breath hoping this to appear on your iPhone 4G.
Patently Apple has, as I mentioned, a very descriptive and entertaining article on this so please follow the link.
Patently Apple


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