Monday, March 29, 2010

SkyTerra, The New Wireless Broadband Competitor?

SkyTerra  Wireless Broadband
According to GigaOM, a new player in the wireless arena, Harbringer Captital Parners, New York Equity firm, is planing to invest billions of dollars to bring up a new LTE wireless broadband network. The firm owns the SkyTerra, which in turn owns a significant chunk of the wireless spectrum.
HCP plans to bring up the initial network on, 23MHz spectrum by the third quarter of 2011 and plans to reach 9 million people. After the trials in Denver Colorado, they plan to expand the network further to reach 260 million people by 2015.

At the outset, the network will have no less than 23 MHz of spectrum, consisting of 8 MHz of 1.4 GHz terrestrial spectrum, access to 5 MHz of 1.6 GHz terrestrial spectrum and 10 MHz of MSS/ATC L-band spectrum. Through a cooperation agreement with Inmarsat and associated waivers of the Commission’s ATC rules, by 2013 Harbinger will have access to an additional 30 MHz of ATC spectrum, HCP has mentioned in a conversation with GigaOM.
GigaOM also concludes that they will be a direct competitor to AT&T and Verizon, since those two companies cannot play according to the conditions attached the spectrum that SkyTerra owns. The other big player, Sprint has a capable partner, Clearwire (Sprint Clearwire partnership seem to be beating other to the game at the moment) so I am with GigaOMs conclusion, HCP, SkyTerra might have to play with T-Mobile, to bring LTE wireless broadband home.


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