Monday, March 08, 2010

Nexus One Under 3G (Gravity X 3)

Nexus One Under 3G (Gravity X 3)
Unlike you and me, Neil Fraser just sit down and imagine cool scientific experiments, he builds them. His latest experiment was to check if A LAVALAMP would work under the gravity of Jupiter which is about 2.5G, meaning gravitational force on Jupiter is about 2.5 times that of our planet.
So he build a centrifuge that could create a 3G pull and subjected the LAVALAMP to the test. He was using Nexus One to measure gravitation pull using G-Force for Android, (A simple application that displays the current G-Force acting on the device. Also keeps track of the maximum and minimum G-Forces that have been experienced so far.)
He did find out if the LAVALAMP would survive and also a bug in accelerometers in the Nexus One. (He has submitted the bug to Android team).
Watch the video to find out and the link to Neil's cool job after the jump.
Neil Fraser


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