Sunday, March 14, 2010

iPhones In Microsoft Campus!

It is Balmer and Fords for you!
WSJ is carrying a write up about iPhone use by Microsoft employees. In not so many words, it seems iPhones are not welcomed at Microsoft. At one point the subject has come up in a major company retreat and has prompted Steve Balmer to say;

He told executives that he grew up in Detroit, where his father worked for Ford Motor Co., and that his family always drove Fords, according to several people at the meeting
It seems many Microsoft employees are using iPhone covertly. Some even seem to get into mock trouble with Steve Balmer for using iPhones!
The perils of being an iPhone user at Microsoft were on display last September. At an all- company meeting in a Seattle sports stadium, one hapless employee used his iPhone to snap photos of Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer. Mr. Ballmer snatched the iPhone out of the employee's hands, placed it on the ground and pretended to stomp on it in front of thousands of Microsoft workers, according to people present. Mr. Ballmer uses phones from different manufacturers that run on Microsoft's mobile phone software.
Good grief!


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