Saturday, March 13, 2010

XFINITY, A Rebrabding Effort By Comcast, Will You Buy It?

Xfinity is still Comcast
Comcast is rebranding itself as "XFinity" and marching into many markets over the country with hopes of showing a new face. Currently we can see TV ads in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston and 3 other Comcast markets.

“Xfinity will stand for the best experience in the marketplace,’’ said David Watson, executive vice president of operations for Comcast’s cable TV operations.
But we hope XFinity will not carry BitStalker home. I was surprised to find Comcast is investing in such tools at the same time looking to rebrand itself. Perhaps it is a part of the game. Comcast's $30 billion effort to get NBC Universal, a multimedia company that owns the Universal film studio and television networks NBC, CNBC, and Bravo might explain the spending on Anti Piracy software. The acquisition is under intense scrutiny in Congress. If it get approved, the limits are at Xfinity.

But for me, the best explanation about XFInity, came from SlashDot,
 "Xfinity = the amount of time you'll be on hold if you call Customer Service."
You can



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